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Founded in 2017 by Niya Carrington, Bvcklash Beauty is a makeup brand that embodies the word quality. Our products derive their inspiration from New York City. The Bronx is one of the most diverse and vibrant boroughs of New York. Growing up in this exciting part of New York has been a major inspiration and influence to Niya. She was exposed to the creative street art on a daily basis, so she decided to combine her passion for makeup and the city life by naming the lashes after some of the lingo people speak in New York City.


As an African American woman, Niya noticed their image concerning makeup or beauty products, in general, has always been compromised. Between the lack of minority models, shade ranges and diversity present in the makeup industry, she found the will and drive to venture into the industry and develop her brand. There are odds stacked up against the success of Niya's business because of the color of her skin. But at the same time, this makes the company unique. As the founder of the product line, while still being in college studying for her degree, her main aim is to show young girls they can turn their dreams into reality. Bvcklash Beauty, as a company, does not only focus on quality; it also focuses on inspiring young girls to work towards their dreams regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or any other categorization. They can achieve anything they set their eyes on.


The most important person for our brand is you guys. Every aspect of the production process places in mind the customer. Our packaging comes with mirrors to help with the application of the eyelashes. When the customers look into the mirror, they see the most beautiful person in the world looking right back at them. The mirror shows them how beautiful they are both before and after applying the eyelashes.

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